20th year new year reception Social Veterinarians Ghent

Invitation 20th year new year reception Social Veterinarians Ghent

Dear Friends,

After the recent incident of abuse of power on December 28, 2017 against Dr. Reza and his family, we want (some loyal customers, your friends

and sympathizers) to hold a big New Year’s reception to express our sympathy and support and to let them enjoy the joy and warmth of Christmas and prove that there are still good people in our country. Customers and acquaintances of Dr. Reza know that he is always 200% ready for his patients, regardless of the hour, the day, the weather …..

Time to do something on our side!

We would like to know if you are interested in coming and with how many people. If so, please give us a signal by 18 January, then you will receive the final invitation card again. The party will take place somewhere between January 25 and February 8 in Ghent.

There Dr. Reza and his family themselves are not really able to organize much, a warm call is made along this way to find volunteers who want to help!

Just leave it in your counter message to let you know what you want / can do.

It is obviously the intention that everyone enjoys the volunteers.

See you at the party!

Many greetings,
Initiative of Volunteers, friends of Dr. ir. Reza and fans of

Social Veterinarians. Ambiance guaranteed