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Services of veterinary practice SocVet at Ghent Festival 2015:

As announced earlier, there are no home visits will be possible for the residents of Zone Ghent Festivities.



Veterinary activities are not subject to a fixed rate for each species and each operation. moreover, there are usually drugs used or given to the head of the animal.

– Demand ever estimate of the costs. in most cases, and certainly in surgery, the vet will tell you an estimate and cost estimate.


for certain species and specific groups may be different rates of standard amounts, you will receive a discount only if your animal yourself or falls below certain target groups. for all treatments are our terms and conditions apply, unless otherwise agreed and confirmed in writing. at any rate calculation medications and any intervention calculated separately.
for the people who have CPAS file or by debt counselors are supported, you should pass our correspondence and ask them to participate with us in order we can create a file in advance.

Always consult our terms and conditions, with surgery, you will receive a form in which the cost estimate is shown.

5.6.1. Our invoices are payable in cash.
5.6.2. In case of non-payment at maturity will be a delay interest due on the invoice amount at a rate of 1.0% per month of delay and without any warning.
5.6.3. In case of non-payment on the due date will also be the invoice amount shall be increased by an indemnity equal to 12% of the invoice amount with a minimum of 75, – € and a maximum of 1860 euros.
5.6.4. We reserve the right to convert in case of non-payment listener invoice the work stop. The discontinuation of the work will then apply as default. By halting the customer shall not have a story.
5.6.5. For any dispute, the courts of the Jurisdiction Ghent competent.
5.6.6. Our terms and conditions are always in force, unless explicitly and in writing otherwise agreed.