our Philosophy

“SocVet” is known to all by his unique concept based on three principles:
=> We want, if possible, without an appointment and be as fast as possible with the owner.
=> We take into account involvement of the owner and thus take part in treatment process from A to Z.
=> Quality, professionalism and flexibility are central to our approach. Social approach, relaxation and informal communication with your vet will not associate formal aspect and quality of our profession in question, on the contrary, we dare by informal communication optimize the quality of collaboration between owner and attending veterinarian to the animal more quickly and efficiently can help.

Kwaliteit, Service and Comfort*

• Qualitative services by an experienced and accredited veterinarian.

• Continuous recording 24 h., 7 days.

• Veterinarian very quickly, sometimes within minutes be with you.

• Possibility for a yearly subscription for the vet bills! (New)

• Less stress and lower risk of infection in your pet in home consultation

• More time for thorough investigation

• At home, your animals and the environment are viewed together

• More social contact and less formal communication (an essential element for relaxation treatment schedule your pet with you follow along, you are involved in the treatment process)

• Alternative medicine for animals are more practicable.

• In some cases, you are invited to come with your pet to practice, whether your pet is picked up to practice with us and returned home after treatment.

• 24 h. and seven days a week permanence for home visit is unique.

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